Tambre Productions Inc. was launched in Sept of 1984.

With Marvin Dolgay as President and Creative Director, Tambre Productions set about to offer clients a full-service music and audio creative team with in-house production facilities, to service both advertising agencies and the television and film industries.

Over the next 20 heady years the vision was realized. Tambre grew in billings from barely supporting three on the dining room table, to being able to support three studios, 2 added full-time in-house music writers, Glenn Morley and Kevan Staples, and a full in-house production and client-service support staff. Under Marvin’s creative leadership, Tambre’s reputation was solidified as it was consistently winning multiple domestic and international advertising and film awards – not only for music, but also for campaign production, talent direction and sound design.

Somewhere around 1996, Tambre’s books reflected about a 50/50 split in revenues from both the advertising and TV-Film worlds. By that time, Tambre had procured a few multi-year contracts, scoring for several TV series as well as Marvin being contracted to continue being music director for the Stars On Ice North American Tours and TV specials.

With the stability of these contracts, the decision was made for Tambre to stop actively pursuing new advertising business and focus solely on creating and producing longer form music.  Within two years, there was no more ad work on the production boards.

Over the next ten years, the team of Marvin Dolgay and Glenn Morley, together and independently, maintained a high level of prolific output as composers, producers and musical directors for hundreds of TV episodes, specials, movies of the week, theatrical and live touring events.

By 2006, studio technology had streamlined and Tambre’s clients were now as comfortable being serviced on-line as they were with traveling downtown. The bricks and mortar model for Tambre maintaining a downtown facility had run its course.

With a few TV series still on the dockets, Marvin decided to not renew Tambre’s downtown lease and instead, have a full client-friendly recording studio professionally built in his beach area home in Toronto. This move allowed Marvin to not only continue writing for his clients but also allowed him to offer his talents and facilities to recording artists as a writer, producer and musician.

Tambre’s story continues as a vehicle for Marvin as he continues to feed his creative passions.